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Breedlove is a key brand in the Two Old Hippies Stringed Instruments family, which also includes Bedell Guitars and Weber Mandolins. All of their instruments are painstakingly designed in Bend, Oregon, utilizing exclusive design elements like contemporary body shapes, handcrafted necks, the Breedlove bridge truss system, exotic tonewoods, and stunning inlays to deliver a look and sound that is completely unique to the Breedlove brand. 

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A family owned company that has been making guitars in America for over 175 years, Martin Guitars are used by many people around the world in the rock, country, folk, bluegrass fields and by beginners.  Martin Guitars are hand made by professional craftsmen.

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Taylor Guitars are a leading manufacturer of acoustic, acoustic/electric, and electric guitars.  Taylor Guitars are known for their great tone and playability. Music artists that play Taylor guitars include Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Zac Brown, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Doyle Dykes.

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Eastman Guitars prides itself in providing high quality, high value, and affordable hand crafted guitars.  Artist that play Eastman Guitars include Chuck Ragan, Danny Rader, and the Jimmy Buffet Band.

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Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt was founded in 1871.  Even at modest prices, Oscar Schmidt still uses quality woods and hardware to craft their guitars, mandolins, autoharps and ukuleles.

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Recording King

Recording King prides itself in its past.  Started in the 1930’s in which they call the “golden age” of musical craftsmanship.  Each of Recording Kings hand crafted guitars are based upon a vintage design and are described as having the sound of the classic guitars of old.

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Walden is a company that requires itself to act ethically.  They are 100% certified Pure Chain-of-Custody, which means that the woods they use are from healthy forest and harvested in a way that minimizes environmental impact.  They are not only dedicated to the environment; they are also dedicated to making beautiful quality instruments that respond well to the touch.

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The Ventura line of musical instruments is sold exclusively at independent music stores, like Kudzu Music.  They are specially designed to give customers the quality/price ratio that customers have come to desire.

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Representing the most affordable guitar in the Walden lineup, they may just be the finest entry level guitar available today. Offering the player big, dreadnought tone, high quality hardware and solid construction, it’s an instrument that you can count on to last.

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  • HD420

Jasmine by Takamine

Jasmine is the entry-level, beginner guitar series made by Takamine. They are set-up well and play nicely – just what a beginning player needs to be successful.

Jasmine S-35

Lucida Classical Guitars